About me - Heather Oliver Photography

Hello, and welcome to my website!

I'm a photographer based in South Ayrshire, Scotland and I specialise in photographing horses as well as dogs, wildlife and landscape.

I have been enthusiastic about photography for as long as I can remember, always trying to capture everlasting memories from both living abroad and spending holidays all around the world. Most of my images have been landscape and wildlife based due to my love of animals and the great outdoors.

I then started taking my photography more seriously and so embarked on numerous Landscape and Wildlife photography courses with varying top class photographers in the UK, but after getting two dogs, a Cocker Spaniel called Brodie and a Golden Retriever called Bailey it was my desire to capture better photographs of them outside that led me to doing a Dog Photography course.  All these courses provided me with a good grounding for my photography in trying different avenues resulting in then doing Equine Photography courses as well.

I have captured images of horses, domestic and wild, in France, Wales, England, USA and Scotland.  

I do volunteer work with horses in the USA and Scotland 

I now focus on creating images of horses, dogs, wildlife and landscape for you to enjoy!

Thanks very much for visiting and come back again soon!

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